3 Plumbing Problems of Older Homes

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3 Plumbing Problems of Older Homes

Older homes carry a lot of character, but they can also be a menace when it comes to their internal systems, especially plumbing. There are a couple common plumbing problems that old homes have that you should be aware of when preparing to buy or update. It is important to install new pipes in old homes to ensure that you have clean, safe drinking water and to make sure no water leaks exist in the system.

Galvanized Pipes

A very common plumbing problem in an older home is the fact that it uses galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes will become corroded and rusted over many years causing a poor water supply throughout the home, including bath and drinking water. Be on the lookout for low water pressure, as this is a sure sign of galvanized pipes in bad shape.

Roots in Old Sewer Lines

Hard plastic, cast iron or clay pipes have all been popular water and sewer line materials and one time or another but each of these are susceptible to tree roots getting inside and causing major damage the to the sewer line. Clay lines are easily intruded because of their softer casing. Cast iron pipes will erode over time causing them to split. This leaves them open to roots searching for water. Plastic pipes, used widely in the 1980s can be crushed by roots. Roots take the easiest path in order to access water, so any leaks will attract new plant growth, underground or not.

"Invisible" Water Leaks

So you can't find any dripping faucets or running toilets but your water bill just seems a little too high? You may have a leak somewhere undetectable without cracking open a wall or digging a hole in the yard. To diagnose the small leaks turn off the water valve and check the dial on the meter, it will show the smallest amounts of water usage. Movement on the dial would indicate that there is a leak somewhere in the elderly system.

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