The Benefits of Using a Sewer Scope

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The Benefits of Using a Sewer Scope

For many buyers in the market for a house, an older home is appealing for a variety of reasons. From the history within the walls, to the charm and uniqueness of the building details, there's a reason people tend to hunt for a home that has "character." However, along with this character can come some structural quirks that require attention and repair. And while a general inspection can often catch many of these quirks, the sewer pipes don't always get the inspection they require. The best way to thoroughly inspect a sewer line is through the advanced capabilities of a sewer scope. Investing in a sewer scope is an investment that can lead to major savings. Being able to catch a cracked pipe or an intrusive tree root can turn out to be one of the best things you do as a home buyer.

An Important Part of Home Inspection

If you are in the market for a home, you are most likely aware of the basic home inspection that occurs. Many features of the home are inspected for safety and code, such as the floors, windows, electrical systems, and drains. However, regular home inspections do not include an inspection of the entire sewer line. Sewer pipe inspections can be challenging to achieve due to the underground nature of the system. If you are looking at buying a home and want to cover all your bases (and avoid costly repairs down the road) it's a wise choice to get a sewer scope inspection up front. By sending an advanced, well-lit camera down your sewer pipes you will be able to thoroughly inspect the lines, ensuring any potential problems are caught. Many older homes had pipes built from clay, which can crack or shift over time. In addition, tree roots are a common problem for underground pipes, blocking the path or cracking the pipes.

Real Estate Agent Recommended

Real estate agents understand how important a budget is to potential home buyers. This is why many real estate agents recommend a sewer scope, especially for older homes that may have been sitting untouched for a certain period of time. If a sewer line has gone unused for a while, there's a good chance complications have arisen. The last thing a new homeowner wants to have to do is dig up their yard and foot a potentially costly bill. Needing to repair or replace a sewer line can quickly become very expensive and troublesome. Some homeowners may even be required to excavate parts of the sidewalk and the street during the repair process. These costs can be avoided if you make the wise investment of getting a sewer scope inspection from a trusted plumbing team, like the experts you'll find at Skagit Plumbing.

Investing in a sewer scope is a wise and economically savvy decision to make as a new home buyer. While we might be able to easily see whether or not the wallpaper is peeling inside an older home, we can't see whether or not there are costly damages lurking within the sewer pipes below ground. Finding a qualified and reliable plumbing service will help you move ahead in the buying process with confidence. If you're in the market for a new home and have questions about all the benefits of using a sewer scope in Mt. Vernon, get a hold of our knowledgeable team here at Skagit Plumbing at (360) 854-8535 right away. We are here to make sure you feel comfortable with the sewer scope process and understand how it is helping you every step of the way.

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