Tankless Water Heaters: Things to Know

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Tankless Water Heaters: Things to Know

For many of us, hot water is something that is part of our daily lives. Whether we are giving the dog a bath after he rolled around in the mud outside, we're washing a load of gym clothes, or we're cleaning dishes after a delicious family meal, without hot water our routine would be disrupted. This is why it's so important to maintain your water heater on a regular basis, ensuring it's ready to keep providing you with ample amounts of water. However, even with regular maintenance there will come times when you need to either repair, upgrade, or replace your water heater. If this time comes, take some time considering the option of tankless water heaters. They are a cost-effective and clean option for your home or business. If you're not sure what the benefits might be, get in touch with a nearby water heater or plumbing company who can help answer all your tankless water heater questions.

Crystal Clear Water

Unlike more traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters do not have a large supply of water simply sitting in the tank waiting to be used. When there is this large around of water sitting around you can run the risk of rust developing over time or other such contaminants. These things can then be translated into the water you use on a daily basis, transforming a supposedly cleansing shower into a not-so-cleansing experience. With a tankless water heater you eliminate the possibility of this happening. With tankless water heaters there is no large amount of water sitting around accumulating bits of contamination. They are able to give you hot water instantly without giving you any of the complications that come from stagnant water.

Money Saving Equipment

One of the great benefits of a tankless water heater is the way it is a more cost-effective method of heating your water, but the equipment lasts longer than other more traditional water heaters. Tankless water heaters are designed to help reduce your monthly energy bill by a lot, sometimes by as much as forty percent. In addition, you do not need to replace the equipment nearly as often as the traditional water heaters, which also ends up saving you money in the long run. Many traditional water heaters last approximately five to eight years depending on how well they are maintained. On the other hand, tankless water heaters generally last around twelve years with very little maintenance needed... this can be an incredible way to not only save money on your monthly energy bill but also on your need to update or maintain our water heater.

Hot water is part of our daily life. From showers, to laundry, to doing our dishes after a big meal, it's important that we have an ample supply of hot water any time we might need it. Finding a nearby water heater and plumbing service who can help maintain and repair your water heater is key to saving money in the end. If you're looking around for help with tankless water heaters in Mount Vernon get a hold of us here at Skagit Plumbing at (360) 854-8535 right away! We have experience installing tankless water heaters in all variety of buildings and are here to answer any questions you might have about the benefits of these cost-effective options.

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